Vitaflavan Grape Seed Extract

AlivebyNature selected Vitaflavan®, an extract from the white grapes (less concentrated in tannins, high molar molecules) in the Bordeaux area that is locally prepared (100% made in France) from among all grape seed extracts on the market.

This is a guaranteed GMO-free extract prepared using an innovative process that produces a grape seed extract titrated to at least 96% in total polyphenols, including 75% minimum of proanthocyanidin (OPC), without pesticides or heavy metals . Most other brands do not generally distinguish between total polyphenols and OPC content even though this information is the most reliable measure for determining the active dose.

This product is also 100% guaranteed without exceptions. Each capsule contains only the dry grape seed extract (pure).

For each capsule:

dry extract of grape seed: 100 mg (concentrated 200/1)

>96% total polyphenols (>96 mg per capsule)

>75% proanthocyanidin (>75 mg per capsule)

>5% procyanidin B2 (>5mg per capsule)

antioxidant activity (ORAC): 19,000 (µM TEQ/L)

Grape seed extract with proven clinically health benefits

All grape seed extracts are not equal. AlivebyNature® grape seed extract Vitaflavan® contains a very high proportion (at least 75%) of low-mass procyanidins that are highly bioavailable (and therefore effective in the human body). The innovative extraction process extracts only the polyphenols and removes the tannins (large molecular weight molecules that are not bioavailable). It takes about 200 kg of grape seeds to make only 1 kg of this extract.

Unique phenolic content:

– monomers or flavan-3-ols (>21%)

– dimers (>17%)

– trimers (>16%)

– tetramers (>13%)

– oligomers (5–13 units; >31 %) of procyanidins

It is also the only one that provides more than 5% procyanidin B2

The purity of Vitaflavan® is used as a standard in the monograph of the US Pharmacopoeia.

The product we offer is the subject of clinical studies to ensure its effectiveness for health. Because of its rich antioxidant content, grape seed extract is also traditionally used as a first choice for fighting aging.

The only grape seed extract proven to increase NAD+

The Vitaflavan® specific phenolic content make it able to increase NAD+ in vivo by 3 fold as well as sirt1 activity. NAD+ is one of the most important biomarkers for aging.

In this study, we also see that this grape seed extract increased hepatic content of the NAD+ metabolite and precursor: niacin, niacinamide, NMN and tryptophan (the de novo precursor of NAD+)


Dietary proanthocyanidins boost hepatic NAD+ metabolism and SIRT1 expression and activity in a dose-dependent manner in healthy rats; Sci Rep. 2016; 6: 24977. Published online 2016 Apr 22. doi: 10.1038/srep24977