Best Activities For Weight Loss

People that are looking forward to losing weight can choose a number of activities which can potentially assist them in achieving their objective. However, people are required to understand that when trying to lose weight they should be burning more calories than they consume. Not monitoring the progress of their weight loss program or choosing activities which are not appropriate enough will not benefit people the way they desire. We have compiled a list of sporting activities which can burn maximum calories and help people to lose weight according to their requirements. Let us look at some of the best activities for weight loss.


The sport of squash is strenuous but it is an effective method of controlling your weight. Squash can help you to burn more calories than you consume every day. The number of calories you burn will depend on the time you’re spending playing squash and if you are weighing 180 pounds you are likely to burn around 491 cals in 30 minutes. The burning will be higher if your weight is 205 pounds when you burn 559 cals.


Boxing can help you in burning more calories per hour than any other sport. Research conducted has revealed information that boxing can burn 800 cal per hour which is higher than squash. It simply means that if you are involved in boxing that is every likelihood of you losing weight faster than you expected.




Cycling is another globally popular activity used as a form of exercise and also in sporting events. The Tour de France is perhaps one of the most popular cycling events, which are held annually and the participants are required to cycle through several miles before they went is ultimately culminated. The Vuelta from Spain is another event which was held recently and it is reported that cyclists participating in the Vuelta lost around 6000 cals during the race. It may not be possible for every individual to participate in the Vuelta, but participants are guaranteed to lose a significant amount of calories during the race.


If you believe swimming is just a pastime for the summer you will do better to think again because swimming is a good exercise for calorie burning. However, the amount of calories you burn will depend on your body weight and the speed at which you are indulging in this sport. You can take the following examples into consideration if you decide on swimming for burning the extra calories in your body.

All calculations which are provided are for one hour of swimming.

A person weighing 130 pounds and swimming freestyle can burn 590 cals if he or she is swimming faster and 413 cal if the speed is slower.

A person weighing 155 pounds and swimming freestyle can burn 704 cals when the speed is fast and 493 cals when the speed is slow.

A person weighing 180 pounds and using a similar style can burn 817 cals when swimming fast and 572 cals if he or she decides to slow down.

A person weighing 205 pounds can burn 931 cals if swimming faster and 651 cals when the speed is slow.

As it can be seen the amount of calories burned will be different according to the activity chosen by the individual who is trying to lose the weight. It must be understood that the calories have the potential to accumulate back in the body unless the individual takes care to ensure that he or she does not go on an eating spree after they have completed their regimen of exercise. It is essential for people to understand they need to continue burning calories faster than they are consuming them and therefore must keep a watch on the calorie count they are having without fail.

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