Green Coffee

The Study that started it all

doctor green coffeeMaybe you’ve heard about naturopathic doctor Lindsey Duncan. If so, you know that he does not often recommend weight loss supplements.

Instead, he recommends proven and healthy ways to lose weight. But participants in the original study by Dr Duncan that Doctor Oz featured on his show back in May 2012

lost an average of 17 lbs in just  few short months

Doctor Oz performs his own study with a LIVE audience!

Next was probably the most convincing study – featured on the popular TV show on September 10, 2012, that showed

“Taking green coffee extract doubles your weight loss”

“One of the most important discoveries we’ve made to help you burn fat faster”


Experts brought all the participants in as the audience on this special episode. Nearly 100 women took part and were split into two groups: those who received the extract and those who received a placebo without knowing it.

All participants were required to keep a food journal, but not change any of their habits.

Twice as much weight loss as Placebo group

The result? Those taking the actual extract lost twice as much weight as those who were taking a placebo. Without doing any exercise or change to diet.

**Please Note: ALL claims and quotes above are taken directly from the Doctor on his live show Sept 10**


Green Coffee Bean Extract is a powerful ally in your weight loss efforts whether taken on it’s own or as part of a blend that creates an enhanced diet supplement.
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Other studies also convincing

According to a study published in the Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal*, over a period of just 12 weeks test

subjects lost an average of 10.5% of their overall body weight and 16% of their overall body fat

– all without changing their eating or exercise habits. Each and every test subject lost an average of 17 pounds over the 12 week period. And all with no side affects.

16% Body Fat Lostgreen-coffee-fat-loss

Participants were given a coffee bean extract in a powder form, and they didn’t change any of their habits. Important things  to note:

  • No new diet to abide by
  • No new exercise routine or workouts they had to follow
  • Simply added the extract to their daily intake


Significant Weight Loss

And guess what? They lost a significant amount of weight. In fact, they  lost about ten percent of their total body weight, about sixteen percent of body fat and on average they dropped off 17 POUNDS in merely 12 weeks.

On average, they were eating 2400 calories PER DAY. So in reality, they should have gained quite a bit of weight. But the opposite happened!

So green coffee diet is proven in several studies to…

  • Double your weight loss
  • Lose inches in just a few short weeks
  • No diet or added exercise required

No Side Effects?

“There are no indications that green coffee pills have any  harmful side effects”

side-effectsThere are ALWAYS going to be SOME side effects with any product, unless it is a placebo.

But it is true that the side effects when taking Green Coffee Extract are relatively minor.

Several studies have been done to test the effectiveness of green coffee extract on weight loss and there wasn’t a single case of side effects in the controlled studies.

This extract is completely natural, coming from green (or natural, raw and unroasted) coffee beans. Health experts claim that it’s perfectly safe for pretty much anyone IF it is a quality product. There are only a few minor exceptions:.

Your Morning Coffee Isn’t Green or a Fat Burner

coffee-cartoon1Many people have gotten confused with the news of this miracle coffee weight loss wonder. If it’s so good for you and forces your body to burn fat, then why aren’t avid coffee drinkers always thin and in shape?

Chlorogenic Acid is the key

Chlorogenic acid is naturally found in coffee beans. According to Doctors, it’s the chlorogenic acid that does the fat burning. But when they heat coffee beans up to 475 degrees to roast them for a cup of coffee, it removes the vital: chlorogenic acid. So you have to get the extract from beans that have not been exposed to the heating process.

Doctor Oz does not recommend any particular product!

But he does give some guidelines you should use to make sure you don’t get ripped off. According to Doctor Oz, Green Coffee extract should:green-coffee-bottle2

  • contain at least 45% Chlorogenic Acid
  • zero fillers, binders or additives
  • Svetol brand extract (raw ingredient)
  • at least 400 mg of green coffee extract per capsule

So, check the label of any product you are thinking of purchasing for these features. If a product doesn’t want to show you the label or ingredients, you can bet it is because they are trying to sell you some worthless crap.





162 thoughts on “Green Coffee”

    1. There are no Major side effects. It does contain caffeine though, so if taking higher dosages some people may have similar side effects as drinking too much coffee. 2 capsules contain the same caffeine as 1/2 cup of coffee

      1. That was my concern, the caffeine. I wanted to know the affect that it has on you. Are there any jitteriness going on?

  1. I prefer SDF-3 because it has 4 ingredients including African Mango. You can also take both depending on your preference

  2. I would suggest the green coffee AND the SDF-3 together 🙂

    Thats what I am doing and I’ve lost a good amount of weight

  3. I actually take SDF-3 and Green coffee. It has different uses and I am seeing better results and energy levels by using both

  4. Well like any diet you do want to exercise and have portion control. Green coffee helps you lose the weight and at a faster rate than if only dieting and exercising. It also helps keep weight off!

  5. Wow this stuff actually has Chlorogenic acid! I have been looking for a site that sells Green Coffee with Chlorogenic acid! Has anyone tried it? If so I would love to hear about your results 🙂

    1. Not a specific diet plan, but we do recommend a diet if you are trying to lose weight. This will aid you in losing more weight at a faster rate.

    1. Yes you can still drink Coffee, when the beans are roasted it loses mostly all of its effectiveness which pretty much makes it a different product. So yes you can take them and still drink coffee.

  6. I just ordered my Green Tea Diet pills last week. When I got my pills the label didn’t look anything like the one on the site. So that threw up all kinds of red flags for me. I called the company and they explained to me that they were in the middle of changing labels and not to worry they are the same pills WITH 45% Chlorogenic acid. I said okay and started them on Monday. I am soooo happy to say this but it is Friday and I’ve already lost 4 lbs. That’s like a pound a day and I have not done any exercise or anything. As a matter of fact I have slowed down this week because I had a “womanly” issue this week and just wanted to vegg out. I am sooo happy. I have bought all kinds of diet pills and none of them worked like these. Thank you sooo much for allowing me to buy this product! I am well on my way to my target weight. If I keep this up it will be in the next month.

    1. Well on Dr. Oz. The women didn’t change what they ate and saw a 2lb weight loss per week. So It looks like no, but I bet if you do eat healthy you will probably lose more weight.

    1. We are seeing 2lbs per week on average. And that’s WITHOUT changing your diet or exercise. So people who are dieting and exercising are seeing up to 4lbs a week!

      1. Wow that is awesome. I am already dieting and working out so I am excited to start the pills so I can see even bigger results

  7. I need the Green Coffee extract please. I need to lose weight. I’m staying at Port Elizabeth. Can you help me please.

  8. Does it effect birth control or any other medications? Since its natural I dont think it would but a lot of the diet pills you find in the store could make birth control uneffective with all the chemicals and additives in it….

    1. Anya- I have been taking Green Coffee Bean and African Mango and am on birth control. I have had no issues with it counter acting. The only thing that I know that can counter act birth control is AntiBiotics

      1. Thanks Laura. Yeah I’ve heard of antibiotics effecting birth control and I’ve heard of some diet pills can too but that is really good to know. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  9. I have hypo thyroid and was told by my doctor that its not safe for me to take diet pills is this one safe for me

    1. Kandi- All of our Diet Supplements are 100% natural, but you will need to ask your doctor about our supplements before you purchase any of them,

  10. I like use the green coffee, because don’t have side effect :3 Also, is a natural form to loss weight.

    1. They SDF-3 has Raspberry ketones, Acai, African Mango and Sea Buckthorn. So you are getting all 4 instead of one. Which is why I use it. But If you ONLY want Raspberry Ketones then you should just order Raspberry Ketones

    1. I don’t see why not. But if you are trying to lose weight then you should stay away from Alcohol.

  11. My biggest concern is my body building an immunity over time and thus it will no longer be effective. It’ll be a temporary fix that causes more weight gain in the end.

  12. Hi ! I really want to loss weight as soon as possible. I search on site about green coffee bean extract . It review is great . Still I m confused about how much pills I have to take per day for best result ? And does it work more effectively if I take it with African mango pills? How long for we can take this green coffee bean pills ? Please help me with my confusion ! Thanks!

    1. Avani- Yes the best results we have seen have been with African Mango and Green Coffee Bean paired together. You should take one capsule of Green Coffee Bean 30 minutes before every meal with a glass of water to burn fat. Then take one African Mango in between meals to suppress hunger. And I am sorry, but I am not sure what you are asking by your last question.

  13. This excellent website really has all of the information and facts I needed about this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

  14. So you can take african mango and green coffee bean together, what is the reccomended dosage of each of these per day?

    1. Yes the best results we have seen have been with African Mango and Green Coffee Bean paired together. You should take one capsule of Green Coffee Bean 30 minutes before every meal with a glass of water to burn fat. Then take one African Mango in between meals to suppress hunger.

  15. Hi !
    I would like to know if I could take both the Pure Green Coffee Extract and the Raspberry K-Tone together ?
    Thank you.

    1. Yes you can take both together, but we are currently out of stock of the Raspberry Ketones so you may want to look into the SDF-3 which is a great product

    1. I am on the following medications:
      Paxil 10 mg, levoxyl 75 mg, simvistatin 5 mg, losartan 25 mg, Hydrochloride 25 mg,

      Please advise if it is safe to take take the green coffee bean extract in this article. Thank you. Pls reply ASAP.

  16. Am I suppose to take one capsule 1/2 hr before each meal ( so 3/day) or 2 capsules twice daily 1/2 hr before meals?

    1. We actually suggest either way. Everyone is different. So if you noticed that one way isn’t working for you then you should switch to the other way.

  17. Are these green coffee pills actually pills or capsules? As I ordered some green coffee ben extract and I received capsules. They are 800 mg (twice a day) and 45% chlorogenic acid

    1. Yes the are capsules. There is a gel capsule that holds the supplements inside the products.

      60 Vegetarian Capsules each 400mg, with
      50% Chlorogenic Acid
      zero fillers, binders or artificial ingredients
      as recommended by Doctors

  18. Hi, do you ship your poroduct outside US? If yes, how do you charge shippment to Singapore? Thank you.

    1. Yes we do ship outside of the US, prices can vary depending on what is ordered. It can cost anywhere from $30-50 in shipping. You will have to enter your information and get an estimate.

  19. What kind of packaging does this product (Green Coffee Extract) arrive in? Is it just a plain cardboard box, or does it have something written on it? Also, does it come via UPS or Post Office?

  20. Hi, i would like to know if its safe to use Green Coffee Bean Extract while on birth control pills… Thanks..

    1. We don’t see any reason why. I have personally been taking Green Coffee Bean while on birth control and see no side effects. You should consult your doctor just in case.

  21. I heard that you should also take a colon cleanser with the green pill,or is it in the green pill?

    1. You can take a cleanser if you feel any bloating or constipation. The Acai Cleanse is a great supplement or you can look into the African Mango that works as a daily cleanser and a hunger suppressant.

    1. No if you continue to eat healthy you will not gain the weight back, but if you choose to start eating unhealthy then yes that will result in weight gain.

  22. I am already dieting and work out about 3-4 times a week but still need to lose around 40 lbs I am very sensitive to any stimulants and can’t stand that speed up feeling. What recommendations and combo of these pills do u suggest

    1. I would try something like Green Coffee Bean or SDF-3. You definitely want to stay away from caffeine, but the Green Coffee Bean only contains 10mg per capsule so it should have no effect on you.

  23. If you continue to take the Green Coffee Bean Extract with progress after the first 12 weeks, will you continue to loose weight? Or is there only a certain amount of weight that the pills allows you to loose (the 10.5)? If there is no limit and you meet your goal weight should you stop taking them or continue taking them to assist in keeping the weight off? Also, are iron pills and allergy medications safe to take with Green Coffee Bean Extract?

    1. You should continue to lose weight as long as you are continuing your good eating and exercise habits.

      There should be no effects on iron or allergy pills. You can always consult your physician.

  24. Hi I know im suppose to take 2 capsules 2x a day 30 mins prior a meal… but sometimes I only have 1 meal a day due to working graveyards… my question is.. should i still take the 2nd 2 capsules eventhough im just going to bed and not going to eat?

    1. Yes, You still need to take two capsules twice a day. Take them when you eat and then again when you wake up or when you go to bed depending on when you take the capsules that are before your meal.

    1. It depends on the person. You can try taking 1 capsules three times a day, but if that does not work for you then you can switch it up and take two capsules twice a day. Everyone is different so you will have to see what works for you.

  25. When taking the green coffee bean extract it say u have to take it 30 min before your meal I have a hard time swallowing pills I usually have to chase it wil something so the pill don’t get stuck in my throat. If I do this will the pill not work because I ate before the 30 min.

  26. I need to lose about 80 pounds. Is this something that will allow me to lose 80 pounds, or just look 15 to 20 pounds, and then no more?

    1. Yes this will help you as long as you continue to exercise and diet. Green Coffee Bean is a great fat burner that continues to have amazing results.

  27. hi… i really need to loose big like around seventy pounds is that possible.. and that i need to loose in couple months please guide me…

    1. I would suggest SDF-4 or a combination of Green Coffee Bean and African Mango. Please let me know which one you choose so I can guide you on how to take them.

  28. Hi
    I Am disabled with ME, fibromyalgia and migraines. Migraine medication has never worked for me so I take diazepam and zolpidem on an ‘as needed’ basis. I have recently started taking Pregabalin for the fibromyalia neuropathic pain. I also take inhalers for asthma. I am not able to exercise, and over the past year or so have put on about 1 stone. I am unable to diet either due to my unpredictable pain and exhaustion levels, plus IBS when eating a lot of vegetables and fruit. Please believe me when I say that my doctor would laugh at me if I mentioned this supplement! British doctors are extremely closed minded when it comes to any ‘alternative’ medicines or supplements. Do you think it would be OK for me to take green coffee extract? I am keen to do some more research into it before purchasing, but I am very interested. I am not clinically overweight, but feel very miserable with the extra weight I have put on. Thank you. Kind regards. Jan M (Scotland, UK)

    1. Jan, I am very sorry to hear about all of your health conditions. I would really suggest consulting a doctor. Tell him to be open minded and actually say “Will this affect the medications I am currently taking?” Print our a picture of our labels and bring it to him. Do not ask for his opinion on our supplements, only if they will have any affect on your medications. Our supplements are all natural, but we do recommend consulting your doctor.

  29. Hi I currently live in Australia and would like to order from guys but I would like to waive the fee for the tracking number, is that possible? I have ordered skincare from the states and the ups intl fees are usually around 10-15$….please help, thanks!

    1. No, I am sorry. We do not allow the waive of a tracking number. We ship all of our international orders First Class International Registered Mail with United States Postal Service. That requires a signature confirmation and tracking number. We do this to insure that the package will arrive safely and in a timely manner.

  30. Would there be a better effect if you exercise while taking the pill? I consume a lot of calories but I exercise daily.

    1. Yes, it definitely helps to exercise. You will see more weight come off and at a faster rate.

  31. Hi,
    I am looking into this product as I have struggled with excess belly fat my whole life. I eat well and exercise 4 times a week. I am not overweight however, about 10 stone standing at 5.5”. If I take these pills for a few months what happens when you come off them? And is it still ok to use them if I am not overweight? I am very unhappy with my body but of course do not want to put it under any stress.

    Thanks, Emily

    1. Yes it will help you burn whatever fat that you have whether it is 10-80lbs.

      You will need a fat burner. So I would look into our SDF products, Green Coffee Bean or Raspberry Ketones.

  32. Are you able to take this supplement/diet pill while breast feeding? Do you know if it passes through breast milk or effects an infant in any way? Thank you!

  33. Will this work as a weight loss supplement? I just began taking Green Coffee Complex with Green Tea & Raspberry Ketones:
    Chromium (from chromium picolinate) 500 mcg 41%
    Green Coffee Bean extract (coffea arabica) 400 mg
    (Standadrized to 50% chloroegeniz acid)
    Razberi-K Raspberry Ketones 100 mg
    (4- (4-hydroxphenyl) butan-2-one)
    Green Tea Extract (Carmellia Sinensis (leaf) 50 mg
    (Standardized to 98% polyphenois)

    Other ingredients: Hypromeilose (Vegetable capsule) rice flour, may contain one or both of the following: magnesium stearate, silica.

  34. Hi! Can I take the Green Coffee and African Mango pills together? Or should I just take one of each a day? Thanks!

    1. Yes take them together! Take 2 Green Coffee Bean supplements twice a day. Then take the African Mango in between meals to suppress hunger.

  35. Hi,
    I need to she’d off 50 pounds by August and just started my green coffee bean. I’m about to order the African mango. Do you think this will give me better result given my time frame? I really would love your advice.
    Funky Canada.

      1. Yes I feel that is the best choice for you. Take 2 Green Coffee Bean supplements twice a day. Then take the African Mango in between meals to suppress hunger.

  36. Hi,
    I am from India please advise me a safe way to order this product. And what would it cost me in Indian currency.

  37. Hi there,
    i order my pills on May 2 2013. and till now i have not received it…is there a contact number i can call to see where my pills is??


  39. Hi, i am on alot of prescription medication for my mental illness, i also have cushings syndrome which is a condition that increases my cortisol levels due to stress and sends my cholestrol levels through the roof it also makes me put on alot of weight around my stomach and face, will the coffee bean tablets be safe to take, and will i lose weight, i have been told that i need to take it with a colon cleanser to see any benefit, i asked my doctor if the coffee bean diet would be ok to take with my medication and he basically laughed at me, and said he has no knowledge of what this coffee bean diet is so could not comment, and then said to me, what a waste of a doctors appointment!!!!

    1. Oh I am very sorry to hear that about your doctor. Maybe you should consider another doctor. I know that green coffee bean is safe to take with antidepressants, but I am not too familiar with cushings syndrome. I am sorry.

  40. Hi do you send product to Guatemala ? I really want to buy the green coffe
    I read many articules and your product is the best
    Pls let me know

  41. hi admin 🙂
    i am deeply concerned. i live in europe and ordered this product that looked exactly like this one. i have MS and it is extremely important that the ingredients are good. but today the bottles arrived and they look different. they are from a company called ANR (applied nutritional research) LLC from westminster CO 80234. there is nowhere the word svetol or Chlorogenic Acid on the bottle. it has 50% green coffe bean 400 mg. but also other ingredients. hydroxypropyl, methylcellulose, magensium sterate and rice flour and silicon dioxide. – is this not good, should i not use this? so grateful for answers!!!! thank you!

    1. The only other ingredients used in our supplements are to make it into a gelatin capsules. I do not know why it has rice and flour in it though.

  42. I’ve got the Green Coffee Bean capsules, is there specific foods I need to eat when taking these? Can I eat meat? The directions on the label is to take 3 capsules daily with meals, can I also take kelp and spirulina when starting the diet?

    1. Yes we do suggest that you follow some sort of diet while using our supplements. But eating meat is definitely fine. I am not sure what Spirulina is so I would recommend consulting your doctor before taking our supplements.

  43. I haev just purchased the Green Coffee Bean mac capsules, i never eat in the morning and have a light snack at lunctime or a protein shake, can I still take these tablets if I have a protein shake at lunchtime, so I mean one in the morning even though I do not have anything and then a shake and then a capsule before eating at night

    1. I am sorry, but I am not familiar with that brand nor do I know the ingredients or mgs. I cannot give you advice on that product. You must contact the seller you purchased them from.

  44. Hi! I have purchased the green coffee bean extract and intend to begin them, I have a months worth of pills and plan and trailing them for a month. I was unsure whether if I lost weight would I put the weight back on if I didn’t continue taking the pills after my first month?
    Many thanks

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