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Exercise to beat cancer, disease, and aging

This article was written and published on by Joe Garma, and has been reproduced here in its entirety. Your chance of getting some sorta chronic disease is pretty big. Simply put, you can age better and substantially reduce your chance of becoming chronically ill by exercising.  Here’s why and how. Credit: ABOUT A week […]

The Importance of Exercise Intensity

Exercise is a uniquely beneficial health practice, one that improves health, decreases mortality, and that just generally improves overall quality of life. Anyone who exercises regularly knows the feeling of well-being that exercise causes, both during it and afterwards. But there are obviously both different kinds of exercise, and different levels of intensity. To improve […]

The Anti-aging Effects of Exercise

This article was written and published on by Joe Garma, and has been reproduced here in its entirety.   Scientific studies show that exercise is the fountain of youth, because there are several, specific anti-aging effects of exercise.  Here’s the story… THERE’S A lot of science being targeted at the perennial questions about why we […]

Exercise key to fight Inflammation and Aging

The best way to stay young really might be to keep moving. Research has shown physical activity can reduce inflammation in your body and improve heart health—both important for staying young beyond your years. Aging results in chronic low grade inflammation that is associated with increased risk for disease, poor physical functioning and mortality. Strategies that reduce […]

High Intensity Interval Training may reverse aging

It’s long been known that physical activity can reduce inflammation in your body and improve heart health. This study recently published in shows that High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is more effective than weight training or cardio for improving metabolic health, is superior for fighting age related decline, and may yield anti-aging benefits down to the […]