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Green Tea shown to prolong lifespan in Mice

Protection from DNA Damage and More Degenerative aging is the result of the accumulation of pathological processes inflicted on cells, tissues, and organs.1,2 By targeting each of these degenerative processes, premature aging can be slowed and life span prolonged. Green tea protects against many age-accelerating factors, particularly DNA damage, while also promotingDNA repair. These systems work with extreme precision […]

Drinking green tea associated with lower risk of premature mortality

The January 2017 issue of the Journal of Epidemiology published an analysis of two ongoing prospective studies conducted in China which found an association between regular consumption of green tea and a lower risk of cardiovascular and all-cause mortality during a median follow-up period of 8.3 years for men and 14.2 years for women. The current analysis […]