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An Anti-Aging Drug Cocktail

  Drug combinations work to synergistically extend the life- and healthspan in worms. The most successful drug combination tested almost doubled lifespan, a feat never reported before. Furthermore, more than half of the worms receiving the drug combination were still in optimal health after all control animals had died! Finally, the authors show that these […]

High Amounts of Fat May Improve Insulin Sensitivity – New Study

Studies show that calorie-reduced diets improve insulin sensitivity, regardless of their fat content. However, it’s unclear if this is due to the composition of the diet or weight loss. For this reason, a group of scientists compared the effects of high- and low-fat diets, while maintaining stable weight. Below is a review of their findings, published in […]

The DASH Diet Lowers Blood Pressure, Improves Heart’s Health

The DASH diet is designed to reduce blood pressure and improve blood lipids. It’s typically low in fat and relatively high in carbs, but it’s not clear what role these macronutrients play in the diet’s effectiveness. For this reason, a group of researchers compared the effects of a higher-fat, lower-carb DASH diet to the conventional DASH diet. Their results […]