Al the Owl


If you were wondering why the little owl is hanging around our site you’ve landed in the right barn – er, page.Al is not really a fictional character, but is based on our co-founder and manager of our Las Vegas store, Rawhealth.

Go Ask Al

We use Al the Owl as a symbol for our resource and information pages. He appears on all those pages. He’s also at the far left in our top menu, because all the links in that top menu are to information (not product) pages.

Customers are always asking about products in the store. When an employee doesn’t know the answer, they often say, “let me go ask Al”. Or one employee may tell another to “go ask Al“.

As we’ve built this site and strive to provide all the knowledge to our online customers that those who visit our Las Vegas store appreciate so much, we’ve come to view our online resources as the warehouse of all the knowledge AL has and more.

Information pages vs Product pages

Half of our site is Products. Of course our goal is to sell some products.

But we strongly believe the long term success of our online store is based on having happy customers, just like in our physical store. And our customers are much more likely to be happy if they purchase a product that actually works for them.

Information is a major focus for us

So we want to help educate our customers as much as possible so they can make the right decisions on what to purchase.

So the symbol of our online knowledge base – our wise old owl – naturally becomes “Al”. We hope he can help educate our visitors so they can make the informed decisions that will make them happy customers for many years.

Raw Health Providing Vitamins Supplements and Nutrition Since 2005.

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“Our mission is to provide the best quality healthy and natural nutritional products available at the best possible prices”

We are a family run business that specializes in healthy and natural remedies. We only sell products online that we also sell at Raw health, our Flagship store in Las Vegas Nevada which been successful due to its many thousands of loyal repeat customers since 2005.

Our customer love us because we offer a better solution – A place you can find the best quality at the best price, without spending hours comparing everything. Here’s why we have so many loyal, long time customers:

Focused Selection of Products

We are not a mega box store that sells inferior brands and random miscellaneous products.

We do carry over 100 brands and thousands of products, but focused on healthy natural products, and only the best in their niche.

Mega stores brag about selling thousands of different brands. That may be ok for some people that like to spend hours and hours wading thru all the options, comparing price, size, quantity and so much more to figure out what to buy.

Best Quality

Our mission is NOT to sell the cheapest brand products.

  • We depend out our excellent reputation in our local area for return customers….
  • We ONLY sell products that personally recommend to our family and friends….
  • Everything we sell online, we stock and ship from our flagship store In Las Vegas….
  • So you know the products we sell are only the best quality.

Best Price

This is where we aren’t like most local vitamin or health food stores that do not sell online. We don’t list our products anywhere near to retail pricing. In fact, we match or beat any online advertised price.

Direct feedback in our store benefits YOU

We talk to customers all day long, and hear what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes we tell them, sometimes they tell us. We learn SO much everyday, and use that to constantly upgrade the products we sell.

The mega online stores only look at the numbers because that is how they operate – they don’t get the feedback we do and aren’t able to quickly change their products without lengthy approval from corporate headquarters.

The Best Quality Healthy & Natural Products-at the Best Prices!



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