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Inflammation Is a key participant in all aging and disease

Inflammation influence on aging process itself, not just age related disease   We know NAD+ levels go down dramatically as we age.   Many recent and ongoing research studies are   investigating protocols for boosting NAD+ levels in elderly individuals to combat both disease and infirmities related to aging.  Supplementing with Nicotinamide Riboside and/or NMN are […]

New Drugs May Restore Insulin Resistance

A drug which targets insulin signalling appears to restore insulin sensitivity in mice Type 2 diabetes is a massive burden on healthcare systems around the world, and while current treatments are able to manage many aspects of the condition, they are not curative. A new drug being tested at the University of California may be […]

Aw, Nuts! The Healthiest Nuts to Munch On

Without a doubt, nuts are one of the most popular and most snacked-on foods in the world. Everyone knows what they are and what they look like. Nuts are nature’s way of saying that great things do come indeed in small packages. Nuts have a ton of health benefits. These healthy powerhouses are packed with good fats, […]

Mastering the Mediterranean Diet

With so many diets popping up, how can you choose which one is the best one to try out? Well, why not give the Mediterranean Diet a go? This diet is based on the traditional food that people used to consume in European countries like Greece, France, Spain, and Italy back in the 1960s. Obviously, […]

High Intensity Interval Training may reverse aging

It’s long been known that physical activity can reduce inflammation in your body and improve heart health. This study recently published in shows that High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is more effective than weight training or cardio for improving metabolic health, is superior for fighting age related decline, and may yield anti-aging benefits down to the […]

New Peptide Can Selectively Target Senescent Cells

A specific cell-penetrating peptide (CPP) can effectively and selectively remove senescent cells – leading to a range of health benefits in mice Senescent cells are one of the hottest targets in regenerative and longevity focused medicine right now, and many teams and companies around the world are now looking at various ways of removing these […]

Is Alzheimer’s Linked To Vascular Changes?

Changes in blood flow and coagulation may contribute to Alzheimer’s pathology There are many proteins and enzymes that are involved with the coagulation process in blood, which evolved to react to injury and invasion by various microorganisms. One of these is factor XII, which sets off an important cascade – triggering an inflammatory, coagulation response. […]