Why Eggs are GREAT weight loss food

girl-holding-an-eggYou may have heard that researchers and  nutritionists have admitted they were wrong about Eggs and now say that Eggs do NOT contribute to Cardiovascular Disease and are in fact good for your health.

In fact Eggs are one of the best choices for a healthy weight loss.

They are rich in healthy fats, muscle-building protein, and are chock-full of minerals and vitamins. Eggs help you lose weight in the healthiest way.

Read more below about how eggs aid weight loss.

Low in Calories

eggsEveryone knows that reducing daily calories is the best way to slim down.  The trick is to eat foods that fill you up without too many calories

Most snack foods begin in the 100-calorie range, but a large egg is only around 80 calories. Eggs are healthier than packaged snacks; in fact, egg yolks are surprisingly nutritious (1).

Since a meal containing eggs usually made up of three eggs, you’ll be consuming a little over 240 calories, maybe 300 of you add a heaping serving of vegetables.

However, keep in mind that frying eggs in butter or oil can add around 50 calories per teaspoon.

One large egg equals 80 calories, and a complete meal of 3 boiled eggs and vegetables is only around 300!

Feel Fuller Longer

Eating-Right-SatietyBecause of high protein content, eggs are not only filled with nutrients, but they will help you feel fuller longer as well (2).

Foods that are high-protein rank highly on the Satiety Index, a scakle that evaultatues how full one feels after eating a meal (3). This means they suppress appetite and make you feel less inclined to snack.

Foods with a lower protein content often don’t leave you feeling as satisfied. In fact, several studies have showed that people eating meals with the same calorie content as egg meals report feeling less full than those who consumed a high-protein food, such as eggs ( 4, 5).

This reduces daily thoughts about snacking by up to 60 percent, and cuts the desire for night snacking by fifty percent (67).

Eggs rank high on the Satiety Index scale and may help those who consume them feel fuller for a longer period. High-protein foods such as eggs might also banish the urge to snack less.

Speed up Your Metabolism

speed metabolism

Because eggs contain the ideal ratios of essential amino acids, your body can efficiently use egg protein for metabolic rate and body maintenance.

In fact, due to the thermic effect of food, which is the energy your body requires to break down food, eating high-protein foods can raise metabolism to the effect of 80-100 calories a day (8, 9).

Thermic effect is higher for protein and lower for fats and carbohydrates (1011). Therefore, eggs can make you burn more calories than foods with a lower protein content.

A high-protein diet including eggs might raise your metabolism by up to 80–100 calories per day. This is because more calories are utilized to metabolism food protein.

Start Your Day the Right Way

Healthy-Egg-Breakfast-Muffins-RecipeBreakfasts including eggs are the best choice for those trying to lose weight, and studies of overweight women have shown that breakfasts including eggs aid weight loss more than other breakfasts, including those that contain the same amount of calories.

Women who consumed eggs instead of bagels felt fuller and ate less calories over the next day and a half.

A study including men showed similar results, reducing calorie intake for the 24 hours following an egg breakfast (12).In fact, eggs breakfasts can result in 65 percent more weight loss over a two-month period (1314).

Egg breakfasts also resulted in more stable blood glucose levels and the body’s insulin response. Eggs were also shown to suppress the hunger hormone known as ghrelin(15).

Yet another study, this one including 30 healthy, fit young men compared the effects of three common breakfasts types.

These three breakfasts were eggs with toast, cereal with milk and toast, and a croissant with orange juice. All breakfasts were tested during different times of the day as well.

Not surprisingly, the breakfast containing eggs led to a greater feeling of fullness, greater meal satiety, and less hunger overall.

Additionally, men who had consumed eggs for breakfast ate 270-470 calories less for lunch and dinner (16).

The reduction in calorie intake was unintentional by the men involved in the study.

Eating eggs for breakfast may subconsciously lead to healthier food choices for up to 36 hours.

Affordable and Easy

50-egg-dishesIt is easy to add eggs into your daily diet.

Eggs are sold at the vast majority of grocery stores, are inexpensive, and only take minutes to prepare.

Eggs are easy to fry, bake, boil, or prepare as an omelette, and taste great any way you make them.

In fact, a two-egg breakfast omelette containing vegetables may make for one of the best ways to enjoy a breakfast conducive to weight loss.

There are hundreds of  great egg recipes to try.

Eggs are affordable, readily available, and are easy to prepare.

Final Thoughts

  • Eating eggs is easy if you’re trying to slim down a little.
  • Eggs make you feel fuller longer and keep you from eating too many calories a day.
  • Eggs are a great source of key vitamins and minerals.
  • Eating eggs for breakfast may be the key to your weight loss.